Jewelry Repair

Lanka Jewels is proud to offer is in-house jewelry repairs and restoration. Why us?

Your jewelry is repaired by a Master Goldsmith

  • Your jewelry will be repaired right in our store by a Master Goldsmith.
  • Our master goldsmith has over 20 years experience in jewelry repairs and restoration.
  • Trained in the European tradition of craftsmanship and design, his discriminating values will not allow him to release any piece he’s repaired until he is completely satisfied with the quality of workmanship.

Your Jewelry is safe and protected

  • We understand how much your jewelry means to you, whether it is a timeless heirloom or a new engagement ring.
  • We understand its sentimental value, which can never be replaced.
  • Lanka Jewels knows the importance of having a repair center on-site.
  • Your jewelry stays on the premises. It will be safe and protected.

You receive FREE same day estimate

  • When you bring your jewelry item into Lanka Jewels for repair we will examine your jewelry and give you a free estimate.
  • We explain to you in detail the necessary repairs that will be done to your jewelry.

You receive FREE cleaning inspection

  • We offer complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection while you wait.
  • We recommend having your rings inspected twice a year.
  • If you wear your ring frequently, small problems like loose stones, worn or damaged prongs, and faulty clasps can often be detected and repaired before they become bigger problems. Regular inspections might keep you from losing a diamond.

General Tips for protecting your jewelry:

Jewelry damage is very common but fortunately, protecting your jewelry is easy with proper attention and care.

If you bump or catch your jewelry, come in to Lanka Jewels in Mission to have one of our sales specialists inspect it immediately for missing stones or damaged prongs.

Gloves commonly catch prongs on rings. Take extra care when removing them so you don’t damage or lose your engagement ring or other favorite piece.

Prevent damage to your jewelry by removing it before gardening, playing sports, swimming, or performing difficult chores around your home. Place it in a safe location.

Come in to our store regularly for a complimentary cleaning and inspection.

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